Friday, April 8, 2011

My passion for fashion (both old and new)

Hello, blogosphere!  The History Dork is back!  I returned from a slog in Turkey 6 months ago, have done a whole whack of nothing, and now I'm ready to blog again!  This time....FASHION!  It doesn't matter if it's Valentino's spring line or Marie Antoinette's "Poof à la Belle Poule" I love it!  Not only do I follow current fashion, make my own modern and historical fashion, but I studied 18th century British fashion for my Master's thesis.  Hopefully, (someday, if the academic gods should deem me worthy) I'll be publishing my thesis in a journal and go on to work on a PhD on the same.  On an academic tangent, I'm also interested in moral philosophy and social acceptability, gender identity, and literary history, if you feel like going all nerd on me ;)  If there are any topics, fashion shows, plates, outfits, designers, concepts, fashion icons, etc, that you'd like me to comment on, I need to know!  Stay fabulous!